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. but i want to begin with the wife of brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she has been questioned by investigators. we at cnn would love to talk to her. we're hearing a little bit from her attorney and we have seen some action today outside of her parents' home in rhode island. we want to begin this hour with erin mcpike in rhode island for us right now. erin tell me what you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know yet what isg some investigating and perhaps talking to katie russell, trying to get more information from her. but it has been a while now. and what i can tell you, brooke also is that fbi officials have
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, wolf, earlier this morning we saw federal investigators leave katy russell's attorney's office in downtown providence and came right here to katy russell's parents house, which is just behind me. about 20 minutes ago we saw five of those federal investigators enter katy russell's house. they've been in the house for about 20 minutes now. one of those investigators came outside the house. and we asked are you with the fbi, they said no comment. we have since seen that they are with the fbi. we of course don't know exactly what's going on inside the house whether they're searching obviously probably talking to katy russell, but we do know that the fbi has entered katy russell's house, wolf. >> did she go by the name just katy russell even after she married tamerlan tsarnaev? or did she change her last name? did she continue to go by katy russell? >> well, here in this town they still refer to her as katy russell, not katy russell tsarnaev though we have seen different things in different statements. we have seen the attorney's statements simply refer to her as katy, wolf. >> do w
's widow, meanwhile, catherine russell, coming under closer scrutiny. investigators have taken dna samples and items from her parents' home in rhode island, compare the samples to a female dna found on a fragment of one of the pressure cooker bombs used in the boston attack. the wounded bombing suspect, the younger one, dzhokhar tsarnaev, now is a prominent attorney on his defense team, another one. a lot of attorneys now, but among others, judy clark, she's just joins the team. represented defendants in some of the most high-profile death penalty cases in recent years, including the arizona mass shooter, jared loughner, atlanta olympic bomber eric rudolph and unabomber, ted kaczynski. all received life in prison instead of the death penalty. joe johns is working this part of the story. you're getting new information. i suspect by judy clarke coming in, that seems to be a signal they're going to do whatever they can to avoid the federal death sentence for this suspect, joe? >> reporter: that would certainly make sense, and obviously in death penalty cases that is generally the way the stor
of that is coming up and then on "jimmy quip medical live." >> hi i am russell brand. >> he is russell hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, north korea. a few hours ago the army said it secured approval to launch a nuclear strike against the united states. north korea isn't believed to have the capability to actually do that, but a missal could easily reach seoul, south korea. >> they have rach cheted up their rhetoric and some of the actions they have taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger. >> the pentagon is now deploying a missal defense system to guam. the north is blocking south koreans from crossing the border to a jointly operated park. the troops have been put so high alert. experts confirm that north korea has begun construction at a pl
it could have come from a female accomplice. katherine russell is not a suspect and has not been charged in the plot. but fbi agents met with russell at her parents' rhode island home to collect a dna sample. investigators will compare that against the dna found on the bomb remnants to determine if she ever came in contact with the device. russell's family has issued a statement saying they were shocked by the attack. investigators want to question russell to find out if she had any knowledge of her husband's plans. the fbi is also taking a fresh look at tamerlan tsarnaev's six-month trip to russia and dagestan in 2012 to determine if he received training from known terrorists. of particular interest a russian born canadian militant. like tsarnaev, he was a boxer and both men were in dagestan last summer. he was killed there in a shootout between muslim radicals and police in july 2012, just days before tsarnaev returned to the united states. so far investigators do not know if the two men ever met. surviving bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev may have answers but he's not talked to inves
island. they're trying to figure out what katherine russell did in the days before and after the attack. "the boston herald" reports that the state medical examiner has determined tamerlan's cause of death. they are not releasing the details because russell has not claimed her husband's body. as for dzhokhar tsaranev, another lawyer has been added to his defense team. judy clark, whose past clients include susan smith. and she represented the unabomber, ted kaczynski. all these clients avoided the death penalty, getting life sentences, instead. federal investigators are focusing their efforts on the female dna that was discovered on bomb fragments at the boston marathon finish line. yesterday, they searched katherine russell's home in rhode island. with more on the investigation. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning to you, john. when fbi agents left the home of katherine russell yesterday, they carried out bags of evidence. they want to know what role, if any, she may have played in helping to carry out the attacks. fbi agents searched this home belonging to the family of ka
is in the building being evacuated right now. dana bash is standing by. she's at the russell center office building. brianna keilar's at the white house. we're awaiting a briefing there. here's what we know at the top of the hour, let's just reset for our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we're watching some potentially significant developments in washington. yesterday we learned that a suspicious envelope did reach the office of a united states senator, senator wicker of mississippi. an envelope that was tested not once, not twice but three times and so far proven to be positive for ricin. but authorities say they need more testing. they're sending that letter to maryland where the u.s. government does these kinds of tests for suspicious letters. a lot of nerves frayed as a result of this letter. and now a second letter they have stopped. a suspicious letter similar to the letter sent to senator roger wicker of mississippi addressed to the president of the united states. that letter is now being investigated as well. at the same time we've heard of these evacuations and the f
to what's going on behind me. they made an announcement, i'm in the russell office building, and this is one of three that are related to the senate. they're making announcement that people should stay off the ground floor because there is a suspicious package, but we also just got that same exact one in the russell building. it's not unusual to get warnings of suspicious packages, it happens all the time, but given the heightened state of alert, officials saying they may not be related, it's not changing the way that people are doing things right now. they have not evacuated, but we'll let you know what they find once we get a update from them. >> we appreciate that, dana. the timing here is just so interesting. it may just be a coincidence, we just don't know. roger wicker got that letter with ricin the day after these attacks in boston right behind me. one day after, we're more alert now, sensitive, and heightened. now there is now that there is a letter addressed to president obama that law enforcement o fishes say is addressed to the president, and dana said, more alert
coach russell -- where is coach russell? coach russell is a first year coach this year. so, another huge honor and a huge congratulations to you for what you did with your team the first year. i know what a accomplishment that is to bring all the girls together on a team together like that and all those honors are really well deserved. congratulations. and i want to name each one of you if i'm going to butcher these names i'm sorry, but you all deserved to be named here. so, thank you. kaihla, ashley, giana, [speaker not understood], ayana, angela, kassana, [speaker not understood], and jerias enery uke. -- enriquez. and special mention for [speaker not understood] for winning team honors. >> wow. (applause) >> so, again, girls, really an honor to bring you in front of us today. congrats on an incredible season. on behalf of our city government and board of supervisors, we want to let you know how very proud we are. look forward to having an equal season next year, and bouncing the record with my wild cats. [laughter] >> so, congratulations. >> thank you. (applause) >> congratulations to
? >> yes. >> and you also point out in 1955 early in the year russell approached einstein asking him to issue a joint statement declaring that a nuclear war there there would be no winners or losers, only a permanent state of catastrophe. signed april 11 and returned it to russell. with it, he sent a short letter. you speak to that? i ask you, robert. >> well, the -- this was seven days before he died. i think he died before the letter reached russell. this then became the touch stone for the pugwash conferences to control internationally the use of nuclear weapons. >> you mean, to put the genie back in the bottle? >> less to put the nie back in the bottle than to control the genie. well, put it back into the bottle. >> that didn't work, did it? >> no, there are still discussions of giving up some naonal sovereignty. this was something that was very suspect for a lot of people, but that was the gist of his id. >> if roosevelt hadn't gotten into the act here there would be no atomic bomb. there would be no atomic bomb in the second world war. >> we now have a new book in germany which
tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, catherine russel, at her parents' home in rhode island. >>> now, just because they took a dna sample and even if hers should match, the female dna sample, on the pressure cooker, it doesn't necessarily implicate her or any other particular female in terms of whether they had anything to do with the preparation or the construction of the bomb. >> it means that a female could have come in contact at any time, maybe even before this pressure cooker was put together. a wide range of people. >> if it's not her dna, it could be her daughter's dna or it could belong to somebody else all together. but, certainly, erin, it does move this case forward. >> it certainly does. we're going to find out a lot more. susan said obviously, significant development. but if it is the wife's dna, is it possible she wasn't involved? we're going to talk more about that with a forensic expert in a moment. as susan indicated, fbi investigators spent 90 minutes inside the home of tamerlan tsarnaev's widow, catherine russel. she was at the residence when investigators arrived. >> you saw t
suspicious packages or envelopes throughout senate office buildings. hart and russell. the agency is saying right now capitol police are informing them that there are suspicious packages and envelopes. they have cleared some pieces of the area of those two senate office buildings which are right across the street from the capitol building. the preliminary test for the letter sent to president obama has preliminary tested for ricin. those two were intercepted before hand at a third-party facility. they are being analyzed right now. back to you. dagen: thank you for that. connell: live coverage in the briefing room. jay carney and his briefing on all of those events that rich went up under. ♪ dagen: breaking news from washington, a live picture of the briefing room at the white house. at any moment, we expect to see jay carney to update us. i'm cheryl:. dennis: i'm dennis kneale. another envelope showing up, directed at president obama. cheryl: update here, at this point as richard reported with dagne, the heart in the buildings colossianed now, two to three suspicious packages have been fo
everything she can to assist with the investigation. that's a statement issued through katherine russell's lawyer. the fbi wants to talk with her about her husband, but it appears so far they've only been talking with her lawyers. more this morning from the russells' home in kingston, rhode island. >> reporter: tamerlan tsarnaev's widow hustled out of her parents home on tuesday. authorities want her help as they piece together the bomber's plan. >> the reports of involvement by her husband and brother-in-law came as an absolute shock to them all. >> reporter: her turn says katherine russell lived with tamerlan in a cramped cambridge apartment as authorities try to determine when and where he may have assembled the bombs, investigators want to find out what, if anything, she knows. >> she is doing everything she can to assist in the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: russell's attorneys say she didn't know anything. they say she last saw tamerlan before she went to work thursday before the fbi released this video. they say she worked as a home health aid while tamerlan stayed home with
russell ave and we were ready to get to the end of russell ave talking to a student and all of a sudden you heard this series of gunshots. and as he we ran across russell to the corner of russell -- all these cars and police cars and humvees and police and everyone just started to run down to franklin street, which is a very residential area and so we just started filming and the gun -- it was just like a very quick like almost 30 seconds of gunshots. then 2 stopped and then they just shut the roads down and then everyone is here. like there is ambulances and neighbors and it was just crazy because the whole series has been up in the east end and this is just a few blocks away from where we live. we just thought, you know, we would go walk the dog. you know, we felt safe and then all of a sudden we hear all this gunshot in our neighborhood. so we don't know if they have gotten someone but it seems that something big happened here. >> sure, what exactly did you see though in terms of law enforcement and how they were carrying themselves? >> the law enforcement were -- when we came around
tightly on tamerlan tsarnaev's wife, catherine russell. sources close to the investigation tell cnn that there are major questions tonight surrounding the woman who was closest to the suspected boston bombers and one of the questions is this -- how is it possible, as authorities tell gloria, that russell did not see bombs being made in the couple's tiny home? erin mcpike is "outfront." there are questions about the older brother's wife. we've only seen her in pictures. what can you tell us? >> we did go into the attorney's office today, erin. but they're being very tight lipped. i spoke to katie russell's attorney on the phone a little bit ago and she's still not saying anything. she's being very quiet on behalf of her client. won't say if katie russell sat down with authorities. but i can tell that you the presence this morning of federal agents and of media was very heavy at the house earlier today. it's greatly diminished now, erin. >> and you also had a chance to talk to some people who knew katie. what do they tell you, erin? >> well, basically, they're saying that katie russel
bombing suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she's largely remained out of public sight since the tragedy. but she was spotted coming out of her family's home yesterday, alongside her attorney and our erin mcpike has been there and she's there this morning as well. she joins us now from the family home in north kingston, rhode island. any sighting of katherine russell or her family members yet. >> reporter: we have not seen katherine russell yet this morning. we saw her mother three times. she left with a family friend who has been coming by all week delivering dinner to the family. so her mother left. what i can tell you is we have seen a lot of the russell family's dog this week, but the only two times we have seen katie russell were tuesday morning and friday afternoon when she left with her attorneys to have some meetings, poppy. >> so you -- i know you've been talking to neighbors there as well. this is her family home. she hasn't lived there i think for six years. but what are her neighbors saying about katherine. what do they know about her at this point? >>
that today the fbi retrieved a dna sample from tamerlan tsarnaev's widow katherine russell, at her parents' home in rhode island. just because they took a dna sample and even if hers should match the sample o the pressure cooker, it doesn't necessarily implicate her or any other particular female in terms of whether they had anything to do with the preparation or the construction of the bomb because, for obvious reasons, our sources caution us that it could also mean that a female at any time could have come into contact with any portion of the bomb maybe even before this pressure cooker was even put together. a wide range of people. so it could involve perhaps, if it's not her dna, it could be possibly her daughter's dna. that match has not yet been made. or it could belong to somebody else all together. but certainly, erin it does move this case forward. >> it certainly does. we'll find out a lot more. susan said obviously, significant development. but if it is the wife's dna, is it possible she wasn't involved? we'll talk more about that with a forensic exp
's the russell 2000 that has the biggest percentage gain, folkings. the small and the mid caps are up 1.5%. if i have a dime for everybody over the last seven years who said that the russell was going to fall and finally the bull market in the russell was over -- you know the answer to that. again, russell continues to move higher. let's get to goldman sachs. this morning they joined the ranks of big financials reporting strong earnings for the quarter, but matt mccormack says don't be fooled by the big, glittery guys. it's regional banks that are the place to be. matt mccormack is the banking analyst and portfolio manager. he joins me now in a fox business exclusive from cincinnati. okay, why the little guy? people have been concerned about some of the regional banks lately. you're not at all. make the case. for them. >> liz, a lot of people are concerned about regional banks and the compression of net interest margins. i'm looking from the money center banks as more of a risk center because they've had strong performance. on average they're up 11% year to date through yesterday, liz, opposed t
she knew anything about the plot. 24-year-old catherine russell tsarnaev reportedly met the suspect at a nightclub. that was 2009 or 2010. they got married and later had a daughter. at some point she also converted from christianity to islam. her attorney insists she was not involved in the bombing in any way. and says the last time she saw tamerlan tsarnaev alive was at the couple's home on thursday morning. the very same day the feds released the surveillance photos of her husband and brother-in-law. "the fox report" jonathan hunt is with us tonight. where is this woman now. >> catherine russell right now is at her parents many home in north kingstown rhode island, she apparently went there last friday. federal agents visited that home, we're told yesterday, but apparently they did not speak to catherine russell instead they toke to her attorney. >> i spoke to them and that's all i can say right now. we're deciding what we want to do and how we want to approach this. it seems likely she will ultimately meet investigators, shep, but the attorney clearly wants to decide what the par
bomber, catherine russell of tamerlan tsarnaev. they were married in 2010 and authorities search for answers and family and friends are crucial to the investigation. and according to her attorney, though, she didn't know anything about the bombings and was devastated to hear her husband maybe involved. is it more complicated than that, though? chris lawrence is in north kingston, rhode island, tonight. what do investigators want to hear from catherine russell? >> reporter: erin, federal authorities want to know what, if anything, catherine russell knows about what her husband was doing before the bombing, and what affiliations he may have had other than his younger brother. the attorney told me bottom line she is cooperating with federal authorities and that she didn't know anything about what was going on until she actually saw it on the news. he said she understands why federal authorities want to talk to her. quote, she understands the need for doing it. this is the way the government looks at it and she understands this. it is a threat to national security and she gets that.
to figure that out. details on that ahead. a statement from tamerlan's wife katie russell, what she is saying and what we've learned about her today and whether or not she's really cooperating and sitting down with the fbi to answer their questions. that's still to come. >>> breaking news tonight. a federal official tells cnn that the suspects brought pressure cookers from macys. they've yet to uncover any hard evidence of accomplices or other extremists overseas. casting doubt on that is the older suspect's trip last summer for six months including some radicalism. there's a lot in that time line of what he did for six months. there's also interest, a year earlier, that russians showed interest in his activities. >> tamerlan tsarnaev first hit the fbi's radar in 2011 when the russian government told the agency they should check him out. >> they sent a letter to the fbi and other agencies and said we think this guy has become radical. you need to watch him. >> was based on information that he was a follower of radical islam and a strong believer that he had changed drastically since
items from katharine russell at her parents' home in rhode island. they will compare the samples to female dna found on a fragment of one of the pressure cooker bombs used in the boston attack. federal agents, by the way, also trying to determine if there's a link between tamerlan and this man, william plotnikov, a canadian boxer turned jihadist killed a year ago in a shoot-out with russian troops. firefight happened in the same region tamerlan was visiting. he returned to the u.s. quickly thereafter. we have reporters covering all angles of the investigation. and we're staying on top of this story. meanwhile, a defiant president obama says the u.s. won't be intimidated by bombings in boston. in a news conference over at the white house just a little while ago the president was asked whether people should be afraid of attending large gatherings after the attack at the boston marathon, and he said, absolutely not. >> we're not going to stop living our lives because warped individuals try to intimidate us. we're going to do what we do which is go to work, raise our kids, go to ball
>>> this morning my question. what does celtics legend bill russell think of baseball pioneer jackie robinson? plus, this week in voter suppression, the tar heel e dig, and march madness turns into april insanity. and first, a huge victory on the immigration issue comes in the form of a 10th grade english lesson. good morning. i'm melissa harris-perry. the associated press made news this week with a major linguistic change to its style book. considered the industry standard for journalists. on tuesday the decision was made to banish the use of illegal when writing about, quote, people living in a country illegally. kathleen carol had this to say about the the change. the style book no longer sanctions the term illegal immigrant or the use of illegal to describe a person. instead it tells users that illegal should describe only an action, such as living in or going to a country illegally. i know that sounds like parsing a lot, but truly this move is no small thing, especially when it inspires this. >> to me it blows me away. that's how you describe somebody who comes here illeg
russell's every move in the days before and just after the attacks. meantime, the medical examiner knows what killed tamerlan tsarnaev but not releasing the details because the family has not yet claimed his body. as for surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, another lawyer has been added to his defense team, death penalty expert judy clarke is now part of that team. she has represented high profile clients in the past and we want to get right to pamela brown live in devens, massachusetts with more on this investigation. good morning, pamela. >> good morning to you, john. investigators are trying to figure out whether katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, had any role whatsoever in the boston marathon attacks. they went into the home she was staying in yesterday and did not walk out empty handed. fbi agents searched this home belonging to the family of katherine russell. the widow of boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev, who she married three years ago. agents carried out two block equipment cases and clear plastic bags marked dna samples. sources say the fbi took these sa
the new president. so the president came down and russell long and i and the president in the oval office. the president has been president a week or ten days. and russell long was one of those that pulled his chair forward which i'm looking up and all of a sudden he's right next to the president putting his hand on president's ford's knee. we need to do on this tax bill. the president was nodding which he thought he was still conference on something. russell long kept getting closer and closer. and i thought this isn't going too well. he's president. he's got to transfer his menity into the presidency from the legislative branch. so fast forward. the president went to some conference in the caribbean. and the tax bill was still kicking around which and he said we better bring russell long back to talk about that tax bill again. back comes russell long. this time it was amazing. president ford had become president. he's looking forward to long saying russell here is what we're going to do. during that period of that first meeting and when he had come back from this conference, he had beco
russell tsarnaev's house, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, in rhode island. they went in there today to collect presumably some evidence. is she fully cooperating with law enforcement? >> there's been some level of cooperation, but, again, i would just say, again, from my own instincts and talking to some people involved, it's -- to me, it certainly raises questions that the bomber has a wife, one child and a relatively small apartment and is able to put these explosives together, able to obtain all of these materials, able to move about without really having a job, to go whack to russia and coming b without the wife having some knowledge of what he was up to. again, i don't have evidence to that. i can't tell you what she's been telling the fbi or whether it's -- what lawyer she has or anything like that, other than to say that i would certainly, if i were involved in the investigation -- but i'm not -- question the wife as she is being questioned, find out, if nothing else, who the husband was in contact with, about his comings and goings, who could have radicalized him. but also a
indexes such as the russell. the russell sold off 4% this week already, which was indicating that the market was looking for a reason to sell. mcdonald's and johnson and johnson have been getting a lot of action to the upside, and those are not the stocks that are going to lead this next bull leg up. i think what you really want to look at is the market is ready and due for a correction. we went up, made that all-time high, and it looks like it wants to go lower here now. - gold is down about $250 just in the last nine months or so. has the glitter gone from gold? - you know, cold is at a real key spot here. $1,550 is a level that we have been watching for quite a while. if we break below there, it looks like we are going back into the $1,400s. but if you look at the longer- term trend of gold, since it hit its double-top high of $1,900, it has been in a solid downtrend anyway, and right now i think that every opportunity gold rallies should be a spot to take profit or sell. - and what about this north korea situation? it looks like the u.s. is ramping up by sending missiles
of teams that have a high interest in former russell the 2007 31 overall pick is attempting a comeback after flaming out of the league after three seasons he will be having his pro day workout on april 10 according to the report there are a number of teams taking russell's comeback seriously and will consider giving him a chance if he does well during his pro day thieves made off with an estimated $340,000 in jewelry from miami heat star chris bosh's home while he was out celebrating his birthday. miami beach police say bosh called them about 12:30 a.m. thursday after he and his wife returned from his well- thursday after he and his wife returned from his well- [ woman ] don't forgetuth the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go.
called an emergency parliament meeting to decide about the acceptance of russell's deal. the opposition is already causing -- russell's -- brussel's deal. the opposition is already calling.
catherine russell una catÓlica convertida al islam dijo que estaba afectada con lo sucediÓ y que lo lamenta por las vÍctimas y que llora mucho, ellos se casaron el 2010 y tienen una hija de 3 aÑos, los abogados dicen que la mujer no se dio cuenta de nada y que no sospechÓ que su esposo estuviera planeando nada malo y que se enterÓ a travÉs de las noticias, dice que vio pocas veces al hermano he nor hoy arrestado. en una oportunidad la mujer fue agredida fÍsicamente quiere int catherine russell, ella asiste a las autoridades en la investigaciÓn, este hombre forma parte de otra investigaciÓn por la muerte de su mejor amigo el Único estadounidense asegura que Él tenÍa quien muriÓ degollado junto con otros dos hombres en el 2011, la madre de los hermanos tsarnaev dicen que sus hijos son inocentes, lo que sucediÓ fue terrible permio mis hijos no tuvieron que ver esto c con esto. el diagnÓstico cambio hoy de grave a estable. y las autoridad que participan en la investigaciÓn dicen que mÁs tarde en el proceso el abogado solicita que no se admita de la declaraciÓn hospital mÍa pro
public statement since the bombings. 24-year-old kathryn russell hid her face as he left her parent's home. she issued a statement through her attorney saying she was stunned by the terrorist plot and is doing all she can to assist in the investigation. >> as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, katie deeply mourns the pain and loss to innocent victims. >> kathryn russell dropped out of college after becoming pregnant to marry tamerlan in 2010. they have a three-year-old daughter. >>> in just a few hours mit will hold a memorial service for the campus police officer who died after a shootout with the bombing suspects. joe biden is among those to attend those private memorial services. >>> boylston street is now open to the public and back in business. cleanup crews worked all night to get everything ready. boylston street is where the bombs went off last week and the fbi had declared it a crime spree. stay with us all morning long for continuing coverage. we will have live reports in our next hour and throughout the morning and you can get updates any time of day on the front pag
glimpse in days. catherine russell was spotted leaving her family's home in rhode island yesterday. she is the woman in the headscarf, the other woman next to her, her attorney. little is known about catherine russell, the 24-year-old married tsarnaev in 2010, they have a 3-year-old daughter together. through her attorneys russell insisted the bombing was an "absolute shock" to her. erin mcpike is in providence, rhode island. you saw russell when she left the house yesterday. >> reporter: poppy, we saw katie russell friday web she finally was escorted by her attorneys to their office behind me where they metaphor about 90 minutes. when she arrived i did get a chance to ask her how are you doing and what's happening. she didn't answer any of that. she looked bewildered. she left, we did not see her leave. we know her attorneys will be here working all weekend, poppy. >> reporter: absolutely, erin, thank you. learning to make a bomb online, one terror group explains the how to, giving step by step details, so does the magazine "inspire" questions whether or not the brothers use that, if t
family ties to dig deeper on. katherine russell is the widow of the older brother. investigators want to find out what she may know. tell us what did you find out about this woman. >> just in the last five minutes, katherine russell returned home to her house after a meeting with her lawyer. she went for a meeting. we know he has been speaking with some of those investigators on her behalf. perhaps we are getting closer to the point she may address some of their concerns directly. as they look at the fact that s she shared that cramped apartment with tamerlan tsarn v tsarnaev. she is devastated by this. the investigators want to know exactly what she may have known as they try to piece together what happened and try to determine when and where he may have assembled some of those bombs. that's the reason they want to talk to her. her attorney still tells us she had no idea any of this was going on. anderson. >> i mean, obviously it is understandable why they would want to be asking her questions. if she's living in a small apartment with her husband and the younger brother is visiting
-- a statement today on the investigation from tamerlan's wife katy russell. we'll tell you what she is saying and what we learned about her today. >>> welcome back. we're coming to you from a cold and rainy boston tonight from boylston street. take a look behind the street. the neighborhood fire station, one of the oldest fire stations in the city, they have signs remembering the four people who lost their lives. the three who lost their lives in the blast. amongst them sean collier who was allegedly killed by the suspects. our breaking news tonight on many developments. an official telling us the surviving marathon suspect said he needed a brother motivated in part by the wars in iraq and afghanistan, saying as well that they were self radicalized from the internet. casting doubt on that, however, is the older suspect's trip to russia, including hot beds of radicalism. there's also the interest a year earlier that russian authorities showed in his activities. however, back home the focus on him faded. the lawmakers now want to know why. secretary napolitano getting grilled on capitol hill to
not know anything about the bomb plot. fbi investigators want to talk to her firsthand. for now russell is talking through her attorney. do we know why she hasn't met with the fbi to talk directly? >> we don't actually now whether or not she has met with the fbi. i was in her attorney's office this morning. she wants to cooperate and they have spoken with the fbi, but whether or not she has yet, we just don't know. >> wants to cooperate is sort of lawyer speak. sounds like they have not met directly. we have confirmed reports the that the family was receiving welfare benefits last year and they got benefits when the brothers were younger. it is going to raise a lot of anger in this place that this man who was allegedly plotting to kill americans is actually live off welfare with his wife. have the lawyers made any statement about that? >> reporter: the massachusetts department of health and human services did release a statement to cnn this morning. both dzhokhar tsarnaev and tamerlan tsarnaev received benefits through their parents when their younger. tamerlan received benefits until 2
've been talking to people who know katie russell as well as her family. what they are saying about her, their relationship and what if anything she knew about what her husband was up to. >>> also, still to come, what former president george w. bush has to say about the bombings. what he was thinking when he heard the news. we'll also have john king's interview with the former president coming up. we'll be right back. >>> boylston street the scene of a crime is open again today. among the people who came to the street was victoria mcgrath whose legs were severely injured. deborah? >> reporter: the coincidence that we happened to be here when she arrived and two other girls were passing by and all of them began hugging each other. they were standing basically where i'm standing right now. this was the site of the first bomb blast. you can see the memorial that's here right now. what's fascinating, when the blast went off, it came up from underneath and then they were paralyzed for what felt like 5, 10 seconds. they didn't understand what was going on, and then all of a sudden things got
a more complete picture of katherine russell. >>> president obama now weighing in on the case, and is defending the job that the fbi has done, both before and after the attacks, and foxy knoxy, her memoir comes out today. what aman do knox has to say. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." help shep at 3:00 in new york city, new look at the witness dove the older suspect in the boston marathon terror attack. her name is katherine russell and these are photoses from her arrest in 2007 when police say she stole $67worth of clothing. she was 18 at the time. it happened, this arrest -- i should say it appears this arrest happens before she new tamerlan tsarnaev. they met at a nightclub sometime around 2009 and married soon after. until now we had not large much about the witness to who has largely stayed out of the spotlight since the boston bombings. yesterday the fbi confirm it searched the home where she was staying in rhode island. and last night a source confirmed investigators found female dna on the boston marathon bomb. of course we should
, something significant. her attorney says catherine russell wants her husband's remains. she wants the remains to be released to the family. the statement goes on to say, i'll quote, in the coming days, k ar katherine will continue to meet with law enforcement. the imams in boston are apparently refusing to hold a service for tsarnaev. we'll have more with erin who was with her today. as we try to find out whether there were any mistakes here, whether everything was done perfectly or not, did you know there are at least six terror watch lists in america? it's a statistic that deserves scrutiny after revelations that tamerlan tsarnaev was on two of them before the attack. and there's a lot more than the six major watch lists we've counted. other government agencies have their own, but why are there so many? is this smart or is it big government gone bad? tom foreman is out front. >> a curious trip to russia, loud confrontations at a mosque, visits to radical websites and behavior that made even relatives disapprove. >> what i think was behind it, being losers. >> just some of that w
is up 37, almost 38 points, the s&p 500 is at 1577. that's a gain of 15 1/2 points. the russell 2000 is participating as well with the biggest percentage gain of those indices, up 12 points. bob pisani and art cashing, director of floor operation joins me, and the reason i point out the russell is it's the broader-based index, which bodes well i think for the bulls today. >> it's big. it's been a real drag. the russell which has a lot of smaller caps built in also had kind of trailed. people used that divergence to say maybe things aren't right. the fact we're all plays together, particularly the russell -- >> playing nicely in the sandbox, bob. >> it's a great relief. the earnings turned out well. last week we saw ge and tech tron, a bit of disappointment there, and the big names there. >> and upgrade for cat. all of them xwaet on the bottom line. top line still a little light. still that issue of not enough top line growth. >> it would put pressure on manage a bit. let's see how creative they can be. >> what are you watching on the highsen that might roil this market? have we gotte
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